Radio Group

A set of checkable buttons—known as radio buttons—where no more than one of the buttons can be checked at a time.


Install the following dependencies:

pnpm add @radix-ui/react-radio-group

Copy and paste the following code into your project.

"use client";

import * as React from "react";
import * as RadioGroupPrimitive from "@radix-ui/react-radio-group";
import { CircleIcon } from "lucide-react";

import { cn } from "~/utils/tailwind";

const RadioGroup = React.forwardRef<
  React.ElementRef<typeof RadioGroupPrimitive.Root>,
  React.ComponentPropsWithoutRef<typeof RadioGroupPrimitive.Root>
>(({ className, ...props }, ref) => {
  return (
      className={cn("grid gap-y-2", className)}
RadioGroup.displayName = RadioGroupPrimitive.Root.displayName;

const RadioGroupItem = React.forwardRef<
  React.ElementRef<typeof RadioGroupPrimitive.Item>,
  React.ComponentPropsWithoutRef<typeof RadioGroupPrimitive.Item>
>(({ className, ...props }, ref) => {
  return (
        "aspect-square size-4 rounded-full border border-primary text-primary ring-offset-background",
        "focus-visible:ring-1 focus-visible:ring-ring focus-visible:ring-offset-1",
        "disabled:cursor-not-allowed disabled:opacity-50",
      <RadioGroupPrimitive.Indicator className="flex items-center justify-center">
        <CircleIcon size={10} className="fill-current text-current" />
RadioGroupItem.displayName = RadioGroupPrimitive.Item.displayName;

export { RadioGroup, RadioGroupItem };

Update the import paths to match your project setup.


import { Label } from "~/components/ui/Label";
import { RadioGroup, RadioGroupItem } from "~/components/ui/RadioGroup";
<RadioGroup defaultValue="option-one">
  <div className="flex items-center space-x-2">
    <RadioGroupItem value="option-one" id="option-one" />
    <Label htmlFor="option-one">Option One</Label>
  <div className="flex items-center space-x-2">
    <RadioGroupItem value="option-two" id="option-two" />
    <Label htmlFor="option-two">Option Two</Label>